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February 12, 2015Speaking Engagement

What Are YOUR Strategic Initiatives for 2015?

Join Michael Best and others for a lively discussion addressing what employers need to know today surrounding temporary workers, compliance with OSHA’s Temporary Worker Initiative, legal tips for multi-employer work sites, Co-Employment update, OSHA record keeping changes and transitional return-to-work programs.

Who Should Attend:

• Safety Professionals • HR Professionals • Owners and Supervisors
• Risk Managers • Legal Professionals • Insurance Professionals  

Speakers will include Michael Best attorney Eric H. Rumbaugh, who will deliver his presentation:

Co-Employment Update: What you Need to Know About the Latest Statutory and Case Law Developments Affecting Contingent Labor and Co-Employment

As practitioners in the industry know, there is perhaps no greater area of confusion and misunderstanding than the area of co-employment. Eric will cover a baseline understanding of co-employment principles, focusing on recent statutory and case law developments which affect co-employment in the contingent labor industry, and which drive business policy and contractual terms.

ManpowerGroup Headquarters
100 Manpower Place,
Milwaukee, WI 53212

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