Sep 23, 2014Speaking Engagement

Withdrawal Liability and Underfunded Multiemployer Pension Plans: A Briefing on the Law and Available Employer Strategies

2014 Milwaukee Labor and Employment Breakfast Briefing

Employers that contribute to a union multiemployer pension plan on behalf of bargaining unit employees may be aware that many such plans today are severely underfunded and some are even in a "death spiral." Most employers also know that if its obligation to contribute ceases for any reason, it is likely to receive an assessment from the Fund for its share of the red ink, known as withdrawal liability. But the law is complicated and it is difficult to get a good grasp on what the true risk and amount of liability may be and what opportunities may exist for managing the risks and costs associated with this liability. At this breakfast briefing for employers participating in multiemployer plans, you will learn:

  • A picture of multiemployer pension plans, their past, where they are today, and what the future likely holds for them;
  • A description of current legislative and regulatory proposals, whether they may become law, and whether they could protect employers;
  • A discussion of what causes withdrawal liability to be assessed, how it is calculated, and who is responsible for paying it; and
  • Recommended strategies for analyzing the risks relating to your participation in a multiemployer plan and approaches for addressing that risk.

Please contact Rachel Westphal at rcwestphal@michaelbest.com to register for this event.

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