June 23, 2015Client Alert

Transmission Interconnection Round-up

June 2015 has been a busy month for interconnection agreements at the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC). In just over half a month, there have been seven interconnection agreement filings, two notices of cancellation, twelve FERC letter orders accepting interconnection agreement filings, and one FERC letter order accepting a notice of cancellation. Out of the seven agreement filings, three were in Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO). However, the majority of orders accepting new or revised interconnections were in PJM.

The filings and orders are listed below for your easy reference, and we have the public versions of the filings available if you would like to review any of them.

Interconnection and Amended Interconnection Agreement Filings – 6/1/15-6/17/15

  • ER15-1845 – Interconnection Services Agreement (ISA) between Consolidated Edison Company of New York and Orange and Rockland Utilities (between two transmission owners, so the New York Independent System Operator, Inc. (NY ISO) is not required to be a party)
  • ER15-1853 – Generator Interconnection Agreement (GIA) MISO, FutureGen Industrial Alliance and Ameren Services Company
  • ER15-1897 – GIA between Southern California Edison (SCE) and County Sanitation District #2 of L.A. County
  • ER15-1899 – GIA between Southwest Power Pool (SPP), Pawnee Wind Farm and Omaha Public Power District
  • ER15-1902 – GIA between SPP, Prairie Breeze Wind Energy and Nebraska Public Power District
  • ER15-1903  – GIA between MISO, Union Power Partners and Entergy Arkansas
  • ER15-1928 – GIA between MISO, Northern States Power Company (Xcel Generation Function) and Xcel Transmission Function

Letter Orders Accepting Interconnection Agreement Filings – 6/1/15-6/17/15

  • ER15-1452 – accepting MISO filing of Transmission Interconnection Agreement (TIA) between Ameren Illinois Company and MidAmerican Energy Company
  • ER15-1458 – accepting MISO filing of GIA between MidAmerican (Generation), MidAmerican (Transmission) and MISO
  • ER15-1521 – accepting SCE filing of an LGIA between SoCal Edison, RE Astoria 2 LLC and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO)
  • ER15-1559 – accepting PJM filing of ISA between PJM, All Dams Generation and West Penn Power Co.
  • ER15-1562 – accepting PJM filing of 15 ISAs between PJM, PPL Electric Utilities Corporation and PPL generation affiliates
  • ER15-1569 – accepting PJM filing of ISA between PJM, All Dams Generation and West Penn Power Co. (different queue position from the one listed above)
  • ER15-1636 – accepting SCE filing of a Small Generator Interconnection Agreement (SGIA) between SCE and SEPV Palmdale East LLC
  • ER15-1669 – accepting PJM filing of ISA between PJM, Fishermen’s Atlantic City Windfarm and Atlantic City Electric Co.
  • ER15-1679 – accepting PJM filing of ISA between PJM, Shell Chemical Appalachia and Duquesne Light Co.
  • ER15-1734 – accepting PJM filing of ISA between PJM, PE Hydro Generation and The Potomac Edison Co.
  • ER15-1742 – accepting revised ISA between Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., the NY ISO and General Mills Operations
  • ER15-1601 – letter order accepting cancellation of interconnection agreement between MISO, EDF Renewables Development and ITC Midwest LLC

Notices of Cancellation of Interconnection Agreement Filings – 6/1/15-6/17/15

  • ER15-1927 – notice of cancellation of interconnection agreement between PJM, Suffolk Energy Partners and Virginia Electric and Power Company
  • ER15-1923 – notice of cancellation of interconnection agreement between PJM, Pennsylvania Windfarms and Pennsylvania Electric Company
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