April 13, 2015Published Article

Design Patent Changes Offer Greater Intellectual Property Protection

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin published Michael Best Attorney Charles A. Laff's article, "Design Patent Changes Offer Greater Intellectual Property Protection" on April 13, 2015.

"As a result of soon-to-be implemented changes to the design patent laws, design patents should get greater attention as a weapon against intellectual property piracy.

Design patents, as compared to utility patents, protect the ornamental features of an article of manufacture — the appearance of the product rather than the functional features covered by utility patents.

Despite their limited scope, however, design patents can be valuable protection against imitators. They are much less expensive to obtain and maintain than utility patents and may be granted much more quickly than utility patents. Furthermore, prosecuting a design patent infringement suit is far lesscostly than prosecuting a utility patent suit."

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