November 14, 2014Published Article

Do's and Don'ts for Passing an OSHA Inspection

Wisconsin Safety Council

If given a choice, no employer would willingly choose to have to go through an OSHA inspection. The mere thought of having an inspector walking through your worksite, manufacturing facility, warehouse or office in search of potential violations is usually enough to make most employers cringe. While some employers feel they have nothing to hide, an OSHA inspection is a lot like seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror. The reality is that an OSHA inspector knocking on the door of your business is a very real possibility, and if you are lucky, you will end up with just a warning.

In 2013, OSHA conducted almost 39,228 inspections. In all, between OSHA and State programs, more than 200,000 violations are cited every year. So, generally speaking, one or more citations can be expected as the result of an inspection.

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