March 14, 2014Client Alert

Cheese Factory Shut Down by FDA After Listeria Outbreak

The Delaware production facility of Roos Foods, Inc., a family-owned business that produces dairy products targeted to Latino and Hispanic families, was shut down on Tuesday by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company’s food facility registration was suspended after a two-week inspection revealed numerous unsanitary conditions.


According to the FDA, inspectors found a large roof leak that was dumping water into the plant's cheese processing room; standing water on the floor of the cheese curd processing room; a rusted ceiling and supports that could not be properly sanitized; food residues left on equipment after cleaning had been performed; and milk storage tanks and transfer piping that were left uncapped, potentially allowing contaminants to enter.


Roos Foods recalled 16 varieties of its cheeses two weeks ago after a death in California and seven reported illnesses in Maryland were linked to Listeria in the company's Hispanic-style cheeses.


The FDA and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicated the suspension order could be vacated and Roos Foods' registration reinstated when it is determined that foods produced at the facility are safe.

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