August 18, 2015In the News

Brian Paul quoted in "NLRB Board Bans College Athletes From Unionizing"

Field Labor Fight

Michael Best Partner Brian P. Paul was quoted in Field Labor Fight's article, "NLRB Board Bans College Athletes from Unionizing" on August 18, 2015.

Independent athletic trainers will now be installed in Big Ten press boxes to monitor possible head injuries.

“This puts the nail in the coffin of organizing college players”, said Ronald Meisburg, a former attorney for the NLRB and onetime board member. The decision is seen as a victory for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), as the NLRB’s decision essentially denies the players’ request to become university employees.

The board said in a 16-page opinion that it was overturning the March 2014 decision that could have permitted the formation of a union and significantly impacted the NCAA and college sports across all divisions.

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