August 14, 2015Press Release

'Soul Train,' Record Collecting, Mexico City: a Few of Jeffrey Brown's Favorite Things

Crain's Chicago Business

Jeffrey Brown, a former concert promoter, is a lawyer who represents musicians, athletes, and food and beverage brands as head of the trademark and copyright practice at Michael Best & Friedrich. Brown, 48, lives with his wife and two teens in Oak Park.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Record store owner. I ran a used record and tapes store out of my locker in junior high.

Are you still into vinyl? I listen to music in all forms, but I do have a large record collection. I've got jukeboxes on two floors and phonographs, including a 
little one you take on picnics. I've also got James Brown's old stereo.

How did you get that? At auction at Christie's.

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