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Michael Best Successfully Defends Agis Automatisering in Patent Infringement Case

Dairy Herd Management

Dairy Herd Management featured Michael Best in the article "U.S. District Court: Cow Manager not violating patent of SCR, VocalTag" on June 23, 2015. The Michael Best team of Jonathan H. Margolies, Katherine W. Schill and Andrew T. Dufresne successfully defended client Agis Automatisering and its CowManager product in a patent infringement case.

"Cow Manager, an ear-tag activity monitor system, does not infringe on patents owned by SCR Engineers Ltd. or VocalTag Ltd, according to the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. Cow Manager is marketed by Select Sires in the U.S., and was developed by Agis Automatisering as SensOor in Europe. An activity and rumination monitoring system built using components of SCR Engineers Ltd. and VocalTag Ltd. is marketed as Heattime and ai24 throughout North America, and also used in automatic milking systems.

SCR brought on the suit in September 2013, and the court ruled on June 4, "that the Agis CowManager system does not infringe and dismissed the case accordingly," according to a release by advertising agency Lindsay, Stone & Briggs.

The judge rule that the Agis product infringes on neither of the patents brought forth by SCR and Vocal Tag. The patents were U.S. Patent number 7,350,481, entitled "Method And System For Monitoring Physiological Conditions Of, And/Or Suitability Of Animal Feed For Ruminant Animals," and U.S. Patent number 7,878,149, entitled "Method And Device For Detecting Estrus." The ruling was issued with the judge concluding the Cow Manager system detects rumination and determines estrus in a different manner than covered under the patents.

Agis was successfully represented before the district court by Jon Margolies, Kathy Schill, and Andrew Dufresne of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP."

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