June 12, 2015In the News

Gollwitzer Quoted in "House Bill Would Shut Down Eastern Texas Patent Docket"


"A bill approved by the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday imposes venue requirements for patent complaints that attorneys say would keep virtually all patent cases out of the Eastern District of Texas, the court known as a haven for so-called patent trolls where 30 percent of all infringement suits were filed last year.

During a markup of the Innovation Act, H.R. 9, which proponents say is designed to curb abusive patent litigation, members of the Judiciary Committee added new language that would allow patent complaints to be filed only where the defendant has a facility related to the infringement or where the patented invention was developed.

In the vast majority of cases, the Eastern District of Texas wouldn't fit the bill. A collection of small cities more than 100 miles east of Dallas make up the district, which attracts suits by nonpracticing entities due to a reputation that judges and juries there are friendly to plaintiffs."

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