June 8, 2015In the News

Michael Best Featured in "Companies Try to Help Their Employees Think About Their Health"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured Michael Best in the article "Companies Try to Help Their Employees Think About Their Health" on June 8, 2015.

"There has been a city-wide movement of 44 local companies who added or evolved their health and wellness programs to their company culture and because of it, Milwaukee is now nationally recognized for a large number of businesses with wellness programs.

It all started three years ago, when a program called Well City Milwaukee – a campaign run by the YMCA and four other organizations - teamed up with 44 local businesses that collectively represent a workforce of 130,000 employees. Well City Milwaukee provided healthy practices guidelines for businesses. In exchange, it surveyed the employees to find out what their health needs and risks were and what activities they found interesting. Well City then set a very high bar for companies to meet a lot of expectations to be considered a top wellness program."

To read the full article, click here.

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