May 28, 2015In the News

Crass Quoted in DairyBusiness Update


Michael Best Attorney David A. Crass was quoted by HolsteinWorld in the May 28, 2015, DairyBusiness Update.

"Clean Water Rule Raises Concern
The Dairy Business Association alerted its members of legislation that could impact their operations. A press release this afternoon from David A. Crass Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP. Crass states: 'As forshadowed in an alert we issued a year ago, the Obama Administration on Wednesday finalized its comprehensive 'Clean Water Rule', formerly referred to as the 'Waters of the United States' rule, ending a multi-year rulemaking but kicking off a legislative and litigation showdown.

Touted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) as a comprehensive measure to protect the nation's waterways and to codify via rulemaking U.S. Supreme Court holdings in two cases issued since 2001, the rule cloaks intermittent, perennial and ephemeral streams and waterways in federal Clean Water Act protection while coming under significant criticism by farmers and ranchers, real estate owners and developers, and mining, energy and transportation industries."

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