April 21, 2015In the News

Leah Hurtgen Ziemba Elected to Dairy Girl Network Board


Michael Best Attorney Leah Hurtgen Ziemba has been elected as a board member for the Dairy Girl Network and was featured in Animal.AgWired on April 21, 2015.

"A group whose mission is to connect all women of the dairy industry has elected three new board of directors. The Dairy Girl Network board added Sadie Frericks, Melrose, Minnesota; LuAnn Troxel, Hanna, Indiana; and Leah Hurtgen Ziemba, Madison, Wisconsin.

'The new board members bring diversity from different regions and experiences,' stated Laura Daniels, founder of the Dairy Girl Network. 'In searching for the right candidates, we were looking for action-oriented dairy farmers proven to generate results.'"

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