May 27, 2014Press Release

Corporate Counsel Name Michael Best Premium Value Leader

Results based on feedback from more than 3,700 companies

Michael Best & Friedrich LLP has been ranked a Premium Value Leader in a recent survey conducted by BTI Consulting. BTI Brand Elite 2014 ranked Michael Best in the top 25% of 650 premium value law firms serving large clients that pay above market rates, and believe they receive extraordinary value.


BTI’s research is based solely on corporate counsel feedback at more than 3,700 of the world’s largest and most influential companies. BTI Brand Elite 2014 only includes law firms with the biggest imprint on corporate counsel.


“Providing superior service for our clients is something we strive for every day,” said Michael Best’s Managing Partner, David A. Krutz. “Being recognized for providing extraordinary value through the feedback of corporate counsel is truly an honor – there is no greater recognition we can receive than that coming from our clients and colleagues.” 

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