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Russia Update: August 24, 2022


President Joe Biden will have a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tomorrow.

A poll of Ukrainians shows strong support for the war effort, but they still expect a year or more of fighting. They also support reclaiming Crimea and all eastern Ukrainian territory held by Russia.


No news of note


Russian coal miner Suek hasn’t shipped any coal by sea since August after the EU’s ban on not just exports but providing services, such as insurance and financing.

The U.S. continues to lobby India on an oil price cap, but India says it wants a broader consensus.

A $50 million yacht allegedly belonging to a sanctioned Russian oligarch sank off the coast of Italy.

Ukraine Sitrep

The Washington Post took an extensive look at the run-up to and early days of the invasion.

The Pentagon detailed the latest $3 billion military aid package. Outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also unveiled a £54 million military aid package during a surprise visit to Kyiv. Six months of fighting

Russia struck a train outside of Dnipro in eastern Ukraine, with a preliminary estimate of 15 killed and 50 injured.

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