August 15, 2022Newsletter

Russia Update: August 15, 2022


Another UN wheat ship departed Ukraine for East Africa, but the location of the first ship that left Ukraine carrying grain is currently unknown.

France signed the accession protocols for Sweden and Finland to join NATO.


The EU clarified that a ban on EU entities servicing exports of Russian coal and some fertilizers applies to shipments anywhere in the world.


The U.S. raised concerns with India that an Indian company hid the origin of Russian oil, processed it, and shipped some of its products to New York.

Russia estimates that its parallel import scheme could be worth $16 billion this year. The Moscow stock exchange will allow trading in debt securities for investors from countries that did not join in Western sanctions.

Ukraine Sitrep

Ukraine struck the eastern Ukrainian headquarters of Russian mercenary group Wagner.

The Washington Post took a closer look at last week’s Ukrainian attack on a Russian base in Crimea.

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