August 9, 2022Newsletter

Russia Update: August 9, 2022


President Joe Biden signed the NATO accession protocols for Finland and Sweden.

Russia said it would “temporarily” suspend on-site inspections of strategic nuclear weapons under the New START treaty.


Estonia and Finland want the EU to suspend tourist visas for Russians.


Russia tripled its current-account surplus from last year.

Russia curtailed oil shipments to central Europe, citing a sanctions/payment issue.

Ukraine Sitrep

Ukraine appears to have struck a Russian military base in Crimea, though Russia claims it was merely a detonation of munitions. Footage purportedly from the base shows extensive damage to aircraft.

The Pentagon estimates that Russia has suffered as many 80,000 dead and wounded. It also continues to hold off in giving or selling Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine for fear that the technology could fall into the hands of Russia. The U.S. will give $89 million in assistance to help Ukraine clear mines.

A full investigation and accounting of the bodies in Bucha, Ukraine is almost complete.

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