July 25, 2022Newsletter

Russia Update: July 25, 2022


Heading into the weekend, there were notes of “fear and suspicion” regarding the Ukraine-Russia-Turkey-UN grain deal to unlock exports due to what Russia might do. On Saturday, Russia launched a missile strike on the Ukrainian port of Odesa. Russia claimed it was hitting military targets. The attack was caught on video and condemned by the U.S., EU, UN, and others.

Two Americans, a Canadian, and a Swede were killed in eastern Ukraine in a tank attack.


No news of note


Russia is cutting gas flow to Europe via the Nord Stream I pipeline down to 20%. Russia blames ongoing turbine problems, while Germany says there’s no reason.

Ukraine Sitrep

Slovakia is discussing sending MiG-29s to Ukraine. Ukraine claims to have struck a building where 50 high-profile Russian military officials were meeting.

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