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Russia Update: July 13, 2022


Turkey reported progress on talks to unblock Ukrainian grain shipments.

Lithuania announced it will allow sanctioned Russian goods to transit its territory en route to Russian exclave Kaliningrad after the EU updated its guidance on the topic.


Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said he doesn’t anticipate that the U.S. will need to apply secondary sanctions on countries or companies that do not join a Russian oil price cap.

An EU official said that the bloc is working with the U.S. on a joint approach to enforcing economic sanctions and to root out circumvention and evasion.

Despite efforts to implement EU sanctions, Switzerland is having difficulty doing so.


Gazprom appeared to cast doubt on the prospects of restoring full flow of gas to Europe.

Trafigura completed the sale of its 10% stake in the Vostok Oil project in Russia. TotalEnergies may import diesel and other fuels from the UAE.

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