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Russia Update: June 28, 2022


Turkey has received assurances from Sweden and Finland and will release its objection to the two countries’ NATO applications.

Bulgaria is expelling 70 Russian diplomats.


The official G7 communiqué noted that members will “consider a range of approaches, including options for a possible comprehensive prohibition of all services, which enable transportation of Russian seaborne crude oil and petroleum products globally, unless the oil is purchased at or below a price to be agreed in consultation with international partners.”

The State Department issued a list of additional Russians subject to sanctions. The Treasury Department announced the ban on Russian gold imports, as well as sanctions on 100 additional Russian entities and individuals.

A list of products subject to increased tariffs is still unavailable, but a statement from U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai noted it includes steel and aluminum; minerals, ores, and metals; chemicals; arms and ammunition; wood and paper products; aircraft and parts; auto parts. It also notes that Congress will need to act to follow through on the G7 plan to repurpose tariffs collected for Ukraine aid.


Russian firms are running into tech problems as IT firms pull their code from the country.

The war in Ukraine is dampening U.S. buyers’ appetites for M&A deals in the UK and Europe.

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