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Russia Update: June 16, 2022


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis visited Kyiv and Irpin. Scholz, Macron, and Draghi backed EU Candidate Status for Ukraine. However, Denmark and Portugal are reportedly reticent to support this decision that requires unanimity.

A Russian spy attempted to get an internship at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, which is investigating Russian war crimes.


The FBI and Commerce Department are talking with tech companies whose chips and components are found in Russian military equipment in order to find out how they made their way into Russia.

The UK announced sanctions on the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and other individuals connected with forced transfer and adoption of Ukrainian children.


Italy’s Eni said that Gazprom is sending about 65% of the requested gas volumes. Engie and Uniper also reported receiving less gas than requested.

India has proposed settling Russia trade in rupees as it buys more Russian goods, including coal.

Coca-Cola will cease serving the Russian market once the current inventory is sold off.

Federal prosecutors in New York announced they were moving to seize $5.3 million from a U.S. bank account belonging to a sanctioned Russian oligarch.

Ukraine Sitrep

As the battle shifts toward artillery, Ukraine estimates it can fire 5,000-6,000 rounds per day, which means that the latest U.S. military aid package will only cover one week of munitions. Meanwhile, Russia is reportedly firing 72,000 rounds a day. Canada announced it would send replacement barrels for howitzers.

Children born after February 24 in Kherson will be given Russian citizenship.

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