June 13, 2022Newsletter

Russia Update: June 13, 2022


The European Commission President visited Kyiv over the weekend. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is reportedly planning a visit to Kyiv with French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.


No news of note


The U.S. has reportedly been quietly encouraging agriculture and shipping companies to buy and transport more Russian fertilizer amid concerns about a global food crisis.

Germany may lend billions to rescue Gazprom Germania GmbH, which is now under the control of the country’s energy regulator.

Rebranded former McDonald’s restaurants reopened in Russia.

Ukraine Sitrep

Russia appears to be making progress again in taking the key eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk. Ukraine believes that, at the current rate and without a sizeable increase in Western weapons deliveries, Russia could take all off Donetsk and Luhansk by August or September. Ukraine laid out some of that wish list on Twitter.

Some in Congress are raising concerns with tracking the aid money being sent to Ukraine to ensure it is not lost to waste or fraud.

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