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Russia Update: June 10, 2022


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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen voiced support for a ban on insurance for Russian oil tanker shipments.

Japan will ban the export of trucks, bulldozers, and 144 other items.

Switzerland will implement the EU’s sixth round of sanctions.


Russia cut interest rates from 11% to 9.5%, returning to pre-invasion rates.

An international derivatives committee is delaying a decision on whether to hold an auction of credit default swaps after Russia failed to pay off part of interest of its sovereign debt.

Seaborne exports of Russian oil to Asia have skyrocketed compared to the previous two years, nearly offsetting European exports.

Canada blocked and froze over $310 million in Russian assets.

Finland will build barriers on its border with Russia.

Ukraine Sitrep

Ukraine says it’s almost out of ammunition and that it’s down to an artillery war.

The UK is worried about a potential cholera outbreak in Mariupol.

Moldova Sitrep

No news of note

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