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Russia Update: June 3, 2022


Today is Day 100 of the invasion.

Russia has reportedly grown frustrated with China’s slow-moving assistance as it seeks to limit sanctions exposure.

Ukraine has accused Turkey of buying stolen Ukrainian grain from Russia.


The Department of Commerce published the name of the 71 companies being added to the Entity List.


Russia may limit the export of noble gases, which could hit semiconductor manufacturing.

Marriott is suspending all Russia operations.

Sanctions are preventing the development of a platinum mine in Zimbabwe due to a Russian stake in the project.

Ukraine Sitrep

The UK assesses that Russia has taken 90% of the Luhansk region, while Ukraine claims that it has pushed Russian troops out of 20% of Severodonetsk.

Ukraine has already begun training on the new U.S. longer-range rocket systems announced earlier this week.

Russia stole almost 700 computers, 350 vehicles, 1500 radiation dosimeters, irreplaceable software, and almost every piece of firefighting equipment – and kidnapped workers – from Chernobyl.

Moldova Sitrep

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