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Russia Update: May 10, 2022


In an interview with the Financial Times, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said that Ukraine’s definition of victory initially was pushing Russia back to its pre-invasion positions, but now Ukraine is looking to liberate eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

The Foreign Ministers of Germany and The Netherlands visited Kyiv. Germany’s embassy in Kyiv will also reopen.

The Finnish Parliament’s Defense Committee recommended joining NATO.


The House is poised to clear a nearly $40 billion Ukraine aid package (legislative text here, section-by-section summary here), which includes security assistance, money for sanctions enforcement, monetary aid to Ukraine, refugee support, and other provisions. The Commerce Department is re-evaluating whether or not Russia is a market economy. Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) urged the Treasury Department to tighten sanctions on Bank Rossiya, Gazprom, Gazprombank, and Rosneft.

Japan announced sanctions on 141 individuals and 71 entities.

French President Emmanuel Macron lobbied Hungary to come on board with a Russian oil import ban as part of the EU’s next round of sanctions.


Ukraine’s government will seize all Russian assets in Ukraine’s territory.

Ukraine Sitrep

The Pentagon said the first helicopters that were part of a recent military aid package were being delivered. The U.S. and EU jointly accused Russia of hacking commercial satellites ahead of its invasion, which had spillover effects in Europe.

Ukraine says that a third of gas transit through Ukraine to Europe could be disrupted due to facilities in Russian hands.

The Pentagon also said it has proof of forced deportation of Ukrainians to Russia.

Moldova Sitrep

The U.S. Director of National Intelligence told a Senate panel she believes Russia wants to take the war beyond eastern Ukraine and into the breakaway Moldovan region of Transnistria.

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