February 24, 2022Webinar

Implementing a Winning Strategic Plan

Business leaders often are so focused on immediate issues that they can lose sight of their ultimate objectives. The evolving COVID-19 pandemic made this even more likely. Now is the time to redirect to proactive thought and effective planning.

A sound strategic plan with realistic and attainable goals allows corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to think strategically and act operationally. The Strategies Communications team partners with clients to understand their business goals and craft a unique strategic plan that gets results. This webinar will cover steps to foster:

  • Ownership and Alignment
  • Sustained Focus
  • Clear Relevance
  • Disciplined execution
  • Accountability

“For the past year or so, the strategy was to kill the closest snake; it was urgent and important. Now, we are working on the important, but not urgent matters.” Chief Strategy Officer


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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Time (Central):
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Complimentary Live Webinar

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