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Guy Sereff featured in LegalTech News article, "Legal Tech's Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2022"

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It’s not just California any longer. While the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) took up most of the privacy headlines in the U.S. over the previous few years, now Virginia, Colorado and others have entered the conversation to make state privacy laws more than a one-state concept in the U.S. And add to that expansive laws in China, the EU and elsewhere, and privacy compliance can become quickly tricky.

But privacy isn’t just a regulatory consideration; it’s a technological one as well. The Internet of Things, biometric technologies, website cookies and more are forcing the legal industry to reevaluate what privacy means, and where it stands in the business world of the future.

Below, attorneys and technology experts opine on where they see privacy heading in 2022. From more state privacy laws to biometric technology litigation, they foresee a busy 12 months ahead in the privacy space.

This is the third in a seven-part series of 2021 predictions from Legaltech News. Yesterday saw our 2021 predictions for remote work and COVID-19, and before that our 2021 predictions for cybersecurity. Check back next week for predictions for legal technology innovation, e-discovery, contract/transactional technology, and business of law/ALSPs. The quotes below are in alphabetical order by name, and some have been edited for length.

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