November 10, 2021In the News

Partner José Olivieri Named in The Milwaukee Business Journal's Milwaukee-Area Power Brokers List

Milwaukee Tool group president Steve RichmanNadiyah Johnson, who started the Milky Way Tech Hub in Milwaukee, and Laura Gutierrez, executive director of the United Community Center, are among the executives who are new to the Milwaukee Business Journal's 2021 Power Brokers list.

Check out the attached slideshow to see the 100 Milwaukee-area power brokers, who are many of the key movers and shakers in southeastern Wisconsin's business community.

Our annual lists of executives to watch, as they are on their way to becoming power brokers, and a list of 10 young professionals, who are already power brokers in the southeastern Wisconsin business community, will be revealed at 10 a.m. Thursday.

We unveiled the list of top 15 Milwaukee-area power brokers on Tuesday. You can see those executives in the slideshow below.

All of the executives on our lists will be featured in our Dec. 3 issue where we will provide more information on why they are considered power brokers.

What is a power broker? These are the people who others turn to when they need to get something done, whether it's a business deal, community project or raising money for a great cause.

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