July 15, 2021In the News

Partner Denise Greathouse featured in Milwaukee Business Journal article, "Denise Greathouse: Inspiration — A wearer of many hats, and loving them all"

Milwaukee Business Journal

If sleep weren’t a necessity, Denise Greathouse might work 24 hours a day. As it is, she estimates, conservatively, that she works more than 60 hours per week, not because she’s overworked, but because she’s having a ball.

“I love what I do,” Greathouse enthuses. “I love interacting with people.”

Her multi-faceted role at the Milwaukee-based law firm Michael Best & Friedrich LLP provides ample opportunity for her to do just that. In addition to being an outstanding labor lawyer and litigator – in 2019 she was named Woman of the Year by the Wisconsin Law Journal – Greathouse is a partner in the firm and its assistant general counsel with responsibility for all of the firm’s 12 offices, spread out over seven states. Loosely described, the assistant general counsel’s role makes her the firm’s lawyer.

“It’s definitely a big hat,” Greathouse said, adding that she “wears a lot of hats” and “loves the challenge that each brings to (her).” She also says that “there’s a lot of commonality” to the various challenges that command her attention, noting that “employment law is the nexus that connects everything I do.”

To read the full article and watch Denise's video interview, click here

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