June 22, 2021In the News

Partner Emily Hobbs featured in SHRM article, "Some Employers Are Excluding Colorado Applicants for Remote Work"


A Colorado law requires employers to disclose their targeted pay range in job postings. Rather than revealing such information, however, some employers are excluding workers in the state from their talent search.

Why would employers exclude remote workers in Colorado in a tight market for talent? "Employers in competitive industries may feel concerned that their competitors could use salary information to entice employees to leave the company with offers of higher pay and benefits," observed Emily Hobbs, an attorney with Michael Best in Denver. "Other employers may feel reluctant to limit salary ranges because they want to reserve discretion in setting a salary in order to attract top candidates."

Stephanie Rawitt, an attorney with Clark Hill in Philadelphia, noted that lawmakers in many states are trying to figure out how to best combat pay equity issues, and they're examining whether pay transparency at the start of employment will create more balance.

The specific information that employers must include in job postings could be different depending on which state or local law applies. "Be aware of those rules if you're going to open a job search nationwide for remote workers," Rawitt said.

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