June 18, 2021In the News

Managing Partner David Krutz featured in Law360 Pulse article, "3 Ways To Avoid Pitfalls Law Firms Face With Hybrid Working"

Law360 Pulse

As law firm leaders begin to set up hybrid remote and in-person work environments as the pandemic eases, they will face a number of challenges surrounding the workplace setup.

Many of those challenges center on people: How do they want to work? Where do they want to work? When do they want to work? And can the firm accommodate those desires while also protecting its own interests and serving clients effectively?

The questions often have no easy answer, and they are weighing on the minds of managing partners.

"On the one hand, allowing remote work gives lawyers more freedom in their schedule and saves many the time needed for commuting. However, there are also inherent benefits for the individual lawyer, the firm and, importantly, client service by having lawyers and staff in the office on a regular basis," said David Krutz, managing partner at Michael Best & Friedrich LLP.

After more than a year of remote work as the primary setup at many large law firms during the coronavirus pandemic, a large number of firms have announced plans to phase in in-person work over the summer on a voluntary basis.

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