June 3, 2021In the News

Strategies Kicks off Inaugural Public Policy Internship for Students at HBCUs

Law firms have trumpeted their diversity efforts for decades, pressed by clients, piles of data and industry rankings showing where they fall short on race and gender.

K Street, despite its overlap with Big Law, has been another story. But some firms are working to change that, and they may have help from two groups trying to bring the lobbying industry's diversity picture into focus.

The National Black Professional Lobbyists Association and the Diversity in Government Relations Coalition have separately begun to track how many lobbyists of color are working in the industry. NBPLA plans to report its findings on state lobbyists early next year, while DGR's report, expected by the end of this year, will focus on both the state and federal levels.

"It's critically important that the people who are educating and helping legislators shape policy are bringing diverse experience and backgrounds to the table," said Terri Reynolds, NBPLA's executive director.

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