May 24, 2021In the News

Zeppos comments on Rodgers’ approach to offseason drama in Wisconsin's Morning News

Wisconsin's Morning News

Will he stay or will he go? That is the question.

It was three weeks ago today that reports surfaced that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was unhappy in Green Bay and wanted out.

Since then, we’ve heard from former players, analysts, and so many more. But Rodgers himself has stayed silent.

Senior Public Affairs Advisor for Michael Best Strategies Evan Zeppos says that’s not what he would have suggested for one of his clients.

“Right now, the best [grade] he would get from me is a D, maybe a D+,” Zeppos tells WTMJ. “But he is clearly trending toward an F. He’s damaged goods as far as his brand and his value from his marketing standpoint here in Wisconsin.”

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