April 1, 2021In the News

Crass featured in April Issue of Progressive Dairy, "Turn Sustainability Efforts Into Environmental Revenue Streams"

Seen by many outsiders as an environmental liability, dairy producers are being urged to develop baselines and document practices to turn their environmental assets into revenue streams as markets emerge.

Dairy producers hoping to tap into future revenue streams generated from on-farm environmental practices may want to begin establishing baselines for those assets now.
As part of its 2020 annual business meeting, the American Dairy Coalition hosted a webinar to explore environmental technologies and innovations designed to cut methane and other greenhouse gas emissions and capture and convert them into energy, sequester carbon, improve water quality and reduce phosphorus and nitrogen runoff. The webinar featured Jamie Vander Molen, vice president with Newtrient, and Dave Crass, chair of the agribusiness, food and beverage industry group with Michael Best, who discussed how those environmental practices are creating potential income for dairy farms.
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