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DiGiacomo quoted in "Five law firms our readers are talking about"

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Have you heard? Cannabis is federally illegal. And in places where state law disregards the feds, it’s highly regulated. That means if you’re in cannabis, you need a lawyer to help you sort things out.

Recently we asked Grown In readers what attorneys and law firms they turn to to make sure they aren’t getting too far over their skis. We got back a huge number of names. Here are some of the firms mentioned more often than others.

Dave DiGiacomo, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

“Especially with cannabis law, I think at any stage within an emerging industry, you have folks that are maybe trying to navigate it on their own,” said attorney Dave DiGiacomo. “Doing things right the first time – an ounce of prevention will provide a pound of cure.”

DiGiacomo, who started working on cannabis in 2012 with Colorado’s legalization effort, came to Michael Best as part of a law firm merger, making his cannabis practice part of the Milwaukee-based firm.

“Michael Best is an established Midwest law firm with great roots ain Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison,” he said. “We have a ton of clients in the industrial hemp space and we represent multi-state operators at lots of steps of the chain. We focus on growth businesses and larger scale businesses as well.”

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