January 14, 2021In the News

S. Leigh Jeter quoted in Law360 article, Unions, Fast-Food Workers Fuel $15 Minimum Wage Debate


As fast-food workers across the country protest Friday to urge the incoming Biden administration to boost the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour within 100 days of taking office, labor experts say the move underscores the success of a nearly decade-long effort by unions to keep the issue in the national spotlight.

Those efforts are finally bearing fruit, said S. Leigh Jeter, senior counsel at management-side firm Michael Best & Friedrich LLP.

"The movement toward a $15 minimum wage is gaining momentum and that's reflected when you see cities, states and even companies that don't have an obligation to do so putting in effect an increased minimum wage or even the $15 minimum wage," Jeter said.

With Democrats assuming control of Congress and the White House, Friday is a good time for Fight for $15, the SEIU and the other unions to ramp up their efforts to keep the minimum wage issue on the top of lawmakers' minds, she said.

"The unions want increased membership and they want to be able to show that their potential attraction for employees is getting more money," Jeter said. "They see this as an ideal time to make this happen."

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