December 24, 2020In the News

Osborn quoted in Law360 article, “The Most-Read IP Law360 Guests Of 2020”

While the intellectual property space saw its share of pandemic-related discussion this year — from the impact on litigation to specific infringement risks — some of the most-read articles written by Law360 guest experts also dug into broader inter partes review trends, key federal court rulings, and a subtle but potentially significant U.S. Patent and Trademark Office policy change. 
Lucas Osborn's article covering the impact of 3D printing on patents was listed among the top 10 most-read IP Law360 articles of the year.
March 20, 2020
An Italian hospital's patent-infringing 3D printing of a medical device in short supply due to the coronavirus outbreak affords an opportunity to assess the U.S. and EU's differing approaches to liability for indirect patent infringement.

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