November 24, 2020Published Article

Partner Tanya Salman featured in Super Lawyers Good Works Article, Salman Run

Super Lawyers Magazine | Wisconsin 2020

Tanya Salman gets others onto the right page, hitting the high notes and crossing the finish line

In 2014, as a first-year associate, Tanya Salman joined Girls on the Run, a national organization that helps elementary school girls train to run in 5K races. "Alongside the physical training, the coaches use an empowerment-focused curriculum," she explains. "We talk about bullying, about self-confidence. I like how it integrates running with these important life lessons." 

Salman recalls one training run in which her young running buddy was fearful that she wouldn't be able to finish the upcoming 5K—the culmination of the GOTR program. "I told her, 'If you get tired, it's OK, we'll walk. I know that you can do this and so do you.'" Fueled by words of encouragement, the young girl proudly completed the run alongside her teammates. 

"She was running more than me," Salman admits with a laugh. 

Girls on the Run is just one way the commercial litigator gives back to the community.

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