October 1, 2020In the News

Gollwitzer quoted in, Barrett's Textualist Focus Offers Few Clues On IP Approach


Michael Best Partner Arthur Gollwitzer III was quoted in Law360’s article discussing U.S. Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett's stance on intellectual property issues.

Gollwitzer argued a trademark case before her in 2018 and remembered that she'd done her research and was attentive. He noted that while a fellow panelist dug into comparing two Supreme Court cases on the topic, Judge Barrett wanted to know more about how a recent Seventh Circuit ruling played into the Supreme Court precedent.

"[On my panel], you had a judge who was very quiet, a judge who seemed to have made up his mind, and you had Judge Barrett, who seemed to want to dig into it a little bit, with an open mind," Gollwitzer said. "Maybe she had already decided, but she was very prepared."

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