July 23, 2020

Leader McConnell Announces Republican's Phase 4 Relief Plan--CARES 2

On Monday, Chairmen Grassley, Alexander, Collins, Rubio, Shelby, and Blunt, and Senators Cornyn and Romney will introduce each component of CARES 2/Phase 4 legislative text. Earlier this afternoon Leader McConnell laid out the solutions that they will focus on, including benefits for kids, jobs, and healthcare. Below are the highlights:

  • Reopening-related funding package for schools and universities north of $100 billion. And there will be several other policies to help childcare providers, grant new flexibility to elementary and secondary schools, and more.
  • Republicans want to send a second round of direct payments to American households. 
  • And Senator Collins and Senator Rubio have crafted a sequel to the Paycheck Protection Program. It would give the hardest-hit small businesses an opportunity to receive a second loan if they continue paying their workers.
  • They also intend to continue some temporary federal supplement to unemployment insurance, while providing a fix for paying people more to remain out of the workforce.
  • Lay out policies to incentivize retention, encourage rehiring of laid-off Americans, and help businesses obtain PPE, testing, and supplies to protect their employees and entice customers.
  • Looking to the long term, the COVID-19 crisis has weakened the critical federal trust funds that Americans rely on. So, as Senator Romney will explain, the proposal includes a bipartisan bill, co-sponsored by Senate Democrats, to help a future Congress evaluate bipartisan proposals for protecting and strengthening the programs that Americans count on.
  • CARES 2 will continue to treat the root causes of this medical crisis.  More resources for hospitals and healthcare workers. More help to keep sprinting towards diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines. New policies to shield seniors from a spike in Medicare premiums.
  • There is one more essential element that ties schools, jobs, and healthcare all together: Legal protections to prevent our historic recovery efforts from simply lining the pockets of trial lawyers. Senate R’s will work to make sure that nurses and doctors who provided throughout the response, are not swamped by a tidal wave of malpractice suits. And they will include language to ensure school districts, colleges, churches, nonprofits, and employers that obey official guidance do not have to delay reopening because they’re afraid they’ll spend 10 years in court. 

Again, Senate Republicans view this proposal as opening of negotiations and changes are anticipated. I will continue to share any and all information regarding the process as it unfolds. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We will provide more details as they are released.

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