November 17, 2020Client Alert

Another Round of Updates for AIA Contract Forms

On February 6, 2020, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released its latest round of update contract forms – this time for the Construction Manager as Advisor (CMa) family of contract documents. Also known as Advisory Construction Management, CMa projects involve the construction manager – or CM – contracting only with the owner and acting as the owner’s trusted advisor and agent. Unlike the Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) delivery method, the CM in a CMa project does not perform the construction. Rather, the owner, relying upon the advice and expertise of the CMa, is responsible for contracting with, and supervising the subcontractors that will be constructing the project. CMa delivery is ideal for projects where multiple prime contractors will be performing the construction work, or where the owner will be acting as its own general contractor.

The newly released CMa documents better define the CMa’s contractual duties for review, analysis, and project coordination. Similar to prior updates released by AIA, this most recent update includes a new Insurance and Bond Exhibit and a new Sustainable Project Exhibit (AIA E235-2019), which incorporates the CMa into the design and construction of a sustainable project. Michael Best has teams dedicated to serving clients throughout the procurement, construction, and development process. We encourage you to reach out to Adam Banks, Michelle Ebben, or Lauren Triebenbach to learn more about these updated documents or to receive future Michael Best alerts that might impact your project.

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