October 10, 2019In the News

Higher Law: Q&A Insights: 'The Huge Thing Is Banking. It's Still Such a Mess' | Court Pressed to Rehear Marijuana Overtime Case | SCOTUS Declines Suit Against IRS


Michael Best Partner Shawn T. Stigler and Cheryl Miller of Law.Com talk about his practice -- and what's on his plate. Plus: the US Supreme Court's showing no appetite to confront IRS taxation issues, and a US appeals court is asked to reconsider a ruling that said federal overtime law can be applied to workers in the marijuana industry.

"It really started when clients of ours, at the end of the 2008 recession, had empty buildings and things were tight. And then rec[reational marijuana] passed in Colorado and all of a sudden our phones were ringing off the hook with calls coming into our clients, ‘Hey, can we rent your space for six months. We’ll pay six months in cash in advance.’ And they were like, ‘Whoa, what’s going on?"

"That’s kind of how we started it and it’s grown to where we work with a number of the accelerators and a number of the funds and a number of emerging companies and that’s super fun. And then with industrial hemp being included in the Farm Bill, that’s just been an exploding market. For our colleagues in Wisconsin, with dairies and other farms under pressure, hemp is just a great market for these folks with CBD oil being such a hot commodity."

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