August 30, 2019Published Article

Ziemba quoted in "PFAS new concern for dairy farmers"

Capital Press

Michael Best Partner Leah Ziemba was quoted in Captial Press article "PFAS new concern for dairy farmers." 

Substances used in some types of firefighting foam and household products since the 1940s are causing new concern for U.S. dairy producers.

They’re called PFAS — short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — and this year led to the demise of a 4,000-cow dairy in Clovis, N.M.

Elevated levels of the chemicals showed up in of the dairy’s wells last summer and were found in the milk, according to media reports. The contamination on the dairy has been linked to nearby Cannon Air Force Base and its former use of firefighting foam containing the compound.

New regulations are coming, Leah Ziemba, partner in the Michael Best law firm, said.

In 2009, the federal Environmental Protection Agency issued a provisional drinking water advisory for two PFAS compounds at 200 and 400 parts per trillion, respectively. In 2016, it issued another advisory for those two compounds at 70 ppt.

To put things in perspective, 1 ppt is equivalent to one grain of sand in an Olympic-size swimming pool, she said.

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