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Ziemba quoted in "PFAS: Emerging contaminant, evolving concerns for dairy"

Progressive Dairy

Michael Best Partner Leah Ziemba was quoted in Progressive Dairy article "PFAS: Emerging contaminant, evolving concerns for dairy" on September 25, 2019.

Two publicized incidences on U.S. dairy farms have raised concerns and interest in the industry regarding an “emerging contaminant” commonly referred to as PFAS.

To begin addressing those concerns and explore the potential impact on dairy farms and the industry as a whole, the American Dairy Coalition (ADC) recently hosted a webinar: “Rising concerns about PFAS causing some states to push for broader testing on farms with biosolids.” The webinar featured Leah Ziemba, a partner and agribusiness/food and beverage co-chair with the law firm Michael Best, and Matthew Schroeder, senior environmental engineer with the Dragun Corporation.

“‘Contamination’ means something different in each state,” said Ziemba. “The state regulatory parameters are very much a patchwork.” For example, New Jersey and California have set maximum PFAS limits at 13-14 parts per trillion. In Colorado and Michigan, the maximum limit is 70 parts per trillion. A handful of other states are somewhere in between.

Many states are in the middle of the process, looking to other states to see what they are doing. Not only are states setting drinking water standards, but some states are becoming aggressive in regulating PFAS levels in other consumer products.

“The trend is for more aggressive regulation at the state level – creating a national patchwork that makes it difficult to develop a consistent risk management message, confusing to consumers and the general public,” said Ziemba.

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