June 27, 2019Announcement

Michael Best Advising Qatar’s Hassad in Connection with Acquisition of Equity Stake in Sunrise Foods International

Hassad, Qatar’s leading investor in the food sector and a subsidiary of the country’s sovereign wealth fund, has announced its acquisition of a significant minority equity stake in Sunrise Foods International, the world’s largest supplier of organic grains and oilseeds. Michael Best is representing Hassad in certain U.S.-based aspects of the transaction, which is anticipated to close in the fourth quarter of 2019. The Michael Best deal team is providing assistance with due diligence, regulatory review, and review of the purchase agreement for U.S. legal issues. Attorneys working on the deal include Nic Herdrich, Porter Martin, and Leah Ziemba.

Michael Best Strategies, the firm’s dedicated business consulting, government relations, and public affairs affiliate, is utilizing its policy expertise to provide an overview of the factors in the current political and regulatory environment impacting the U.S. food and agribusiness industry in the United States that are highly likely to affect the company’s operations. 

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