May 14 - May 17Speaking Engagement

Michael Best Attorney’s present at Boulder Startup Week

Michael Best attorneys will be presenting at the Boulder Startup Week 10th Anniversary. Boulder Startup Week (BSW) is an independent, free, five-day event that celebrates the unique startup community in Boulder, Colorado.

Trademark Pitfalls To Avoid!
Presenter: Jolly Northrop
Date: Tuesday, May 14
Time: 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Location: Museum of Boulder 2205 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302

If you are not careful in selecting your company and product names, it can cost you dearly in dealing with cease and desist letters, fighting infringement lawsuits, rebranding, etc.  How can you avoid the headache and expense when you just want to go to market with your great product? Your guide in this discussion will be Jolly Northrop, who has experience solving a variety of trademark issues at L'Oreal, Tiffany's (of the ubiquitous TIFFANY BLUE BOX -- yes, this term is a registered trademark), and now with a large law firm.  JJ Rademaekers, the Chief Candymaker of Cocomels, will be sharing his experiences with trademark issues as a startup founder.

The 80/20 Rule - Debts for Progress
Presenter: Shawn Stigler
Date: Wednesday, May 15
Time: 9:00am - 9:50am
Location: Gloo, 805 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

Some things need to be just right while some things can be good enough. Learn from our panelists what you need to nail, and what you can let slide from an HR, finance, and law perspective while starting and scaling a company.

What does the farm bill mean for hemp and CBD businesses?
Presenter: Cameron Field
Date: Friday, May 17
Time: 4:00pm - 4:50pm
Location: Canopy Boulder, 1002 Walnut St Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80302

Have you heard of CBD…? Anyone who isn’t living under a rock these days has heard the hype around CBD and hemp products but who can make sense of it? With the Farm Bill legalizing the production of hemp and the FDA remaining silent, we’re all left scratching our heads about what this means for the new trendy product. This session will break down the current state of hemp and CBD so you can better understand how to get in on the rush.

Preparing your business for Sale (from day 1)
Presenter: Kait Trizna
Date: Friday, May 17 
Time: 12:00pm - 12:50pm
Location: Galvanize - Torreys 1023 Walnut St. - Galvanize, Boulder, CO 80302

Even if a sale isn't imminent, knowing how to prep your business AND your own personal finances for a potential exit in the future is a wise idea. Join a valuation expert, business attorney, post-exit entrepreneur and financial adviser to hear how to put both your business and yourself in a stronger position, whether you plan to sell one day or not.

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