March 28, 2019Client Alert

Wisconsin Property Tax Season is Around the Corner

Spring in Wisconsin brings not only sprouting tulips, but often a less-welcome visitor—notice of your growing property tax assessment.

Property tax season will be in full swing come April, with many of the major municipalities issuing notices of property tax valuations and the dates by which an owner (or tenant) is required to object to the valuation, or accept the higher cost on the tax bill come December. For example, the City of Milwaukee revalues property each year and sends out assessment notices before the end of April, requiring any objections before the third Monday in May. The City of Madison typically sends its notices even earlier than Milwaukee requiring objections by early May. Other municipalities throughout the State have timetables that drag into late spring and summer, but there is always limited time to act.

Despite recent reforms, Wisconsin still ranks near the top of the country’s high property tax states, with an average effective property tax rate at about two percent state-wide and rates near, or in excess of, three percent in certain municipalities. With property tax expense being one of the largest line items on a property owner’s income statement, reviewing property tax valuations is an important annual endeavor that you should not overlook.  

Even if you have not yet received a notice, the experienced property tax team at Michael Best can get you in front of the pack by reviewing your properties and making recommendations regarding value and potential assessment reductions for a flat fee. Our team will not only review value, but also provide recommendations regarding objections and potential tax savings. If there are opportunities for significant tax savings, Michael Best has the technical knowledge and experience to negotiate and obtain reductions and litigate valuation disputes when necessary.        

Don’t let this opportunity pass and contact Nick Boerke, Robert Gordon, and Michelle W. Ebben.

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