March 18, 2019In the News

Michael Best's Elizabeth Rogers Quoted in "Privacy Regulations Needed for Next-Gen Cars"


Michael Best attorney Elizabeth Rogers was quoted in the recent Threatpost article "Privacy Regulations Needed for Next-Gen Cars."

With wide deployment expected in the next decade, the driverless automobile landscape looks fraught – from road safety to data protection.

Of course, allowing a computer to autonomously control powerful, fast-moving machines carrying fragile humans implies safety risks. However, the major safety concerns are clearly delineated and should be straightforward to address. And experts say vehicle travel actually should be much safer with a computer behind the wheel.

The stickier matter is how to address a slew of murky privacy concerns spinning out of the rise of driverless cars and trucks. State and federal regulators have begun shaping regulations to address both safety and privacy concerns, and industry standards are being hashed out as well. However, it’s anyone’s guess, at this point, what blend of rules and best practices will ultimately emerge.

“Consumers need to remain vigilant and exercise their rights to limit collection and use of any data that is collected,” said Elizabeth Rogers, a privacy and data security partner at Michael Best & Friedrich. “Varying levels of consent should be incorporated into the design of these systems, with express consent being required before sharing a consumer’s unique and individualized driver data.”

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