October 31, 2018Published Article

Finding Your Way in Today’s Job Market: Tell Your Story

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Michael Best Partner Chuck Palmer and Best Workplace Solutions Managing Consultant Kurt Meyer co-authored “Finding Your Way in Today’s Job Market: Tell Your Story” which was featured in Recruiting Daily Advisor on October 31, 2018.

Over the last few posts, we covered the need to define your company’s culture and how to develop a human capital strategy.

Now that you’ve built a solid Values Statement and Human Capital Strategy, be sure to tell your story.

Market to Talent

Help HR “sell” prospective employees on your company. From the multitude of social media sites to your website, there are boundless opportunities to communicate with prospective employees. How well you get your message across affects the quality and number of applicants you receive.

Challenge your marketing and HR teams to develop a strategy to promote your organization. Feature current employees and have them provide testimonials—these workers are the best source for new employees and are likely the most cost-effective and efficient means of finding new talent.

Make sure current employees understand and support your Values Statement to ensure high-quality referrals.

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