October 29, 2018Published Article

Finding Your Way in Today’s Job Market: Defining Your Culture

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Michael Best Partner Chuck Palmer and Best Workplace Solutions Managing Consultant Kurt Meyer co-authored “Finding Your Way in Today’s Job Market: Defining Your Culture” which was featured in Recruiting Daily Advisor on October 29, 2018.

We have heard from countless companies that they are leaving millions of dollars in new business on the table. Despite nearly unprecedented new business opportunities, there is a shortage of skills in the labor market that hinders many companies’ ability to hire and retain the employees they need to convert opportunity to business.

Surveys indicate that average wages will increase more than 3% for the first time in years; so if you are planning to solve your employee shortage with pay increases, this plan may merely help you keep your existing workforce. But, this strategy may not help you increase your workforce or candidate pool because most employers are planning the same approach.

In order to develop an advantage in the most competitive labor market in recent history, Human Resources (HR) departments are being asked to “market” and “sell” their companies to attract and recruit top talent. For HR to do so, it must shift how it has traditionally served the business and take on a truly strategic role.

Company leadership must provide HR with direction if it is to successfully make this shift and fulfill its organizations’ human capital needs. By following a three-step process, leadership will arm their HR departments with the tools they need to strategically serve the organization—positioning themselves ahead in a competitive talent market. Step 1: Define Your Culture; Step 2: Build a Strategic People Plan; Step 3: Tell Your Story.

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